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Meet the Louisiana Bushwhackers

Here you will see all those that take part in our Live-Action scenarios and Living History. Some of our living historians portray specific historical characters. They use that opportunity to speak in the first person to spectators relaying long forgotten tales from Louisiana's past.

Lt. Col. Isaac Foster Harrison

Portrayed by Brian Vex McClure

Colonel Harrison was the commander of the 3rd Louisiana Cavalry.

John Jarrette

Portrayed by John Wayne Deason

John Jarrette after the War ran with the James Gang. Jarrette convinced the other Missouri Guerillas to operate out of Louisiana since he had kinfolk in Carrol Parish, Louisiana.

Dave Poole

Portrayed by Dirk Shiflett

Dave Poole began the Civil War as a lieutenant under William Clarke Quantrill. He was in command of his own gang of 'bushwhackers' later in the war.

LA Bushwhacker

Portrayed by Sylvester Martinez

Syl Martinez is a member of the Louisiana Bushwhacker Live-Action group.

LA Bushwhacker

Portrayed by Aiden Cryer

Aiden Cryer is a member of the Louisiana Bushwhacker Live-Action group.

Capt. Joseph Calloway Lea

Portrayed by Kevin Adkins

Captain Lea was leader of the Missouri Guerillas that broke away from Quantrill's Raiders in 1864.

Cole Younger

Portrayed by Ron (Buckskin Billy) Butler

Cole Younger was a veteran of the War Between the States and outlaw with the James Gang.

Cullen Baker

Portrayed by Mike Pierce

Cullen Baker was a Tennessee-born desperado whose gang terrorized Union soldiers and civilians in NE Texas, SW Arkansas, and NW Louisiana during the War Between the States.

LA Bushwhacker

Portrayed by Bobby White

Bobby White is a member of the Louisiana Bushwhacker Live-Action group.

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The Rest of the Gang...
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Cody Livingston
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Our Lady Bushwhackers
Brittany Cryer
Christina Adkins
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