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How Much Longer will the South Sleep?

“The Lion is not here to wake up the sheep. The Lion is here to wake up the other Lions.”

That was the message in a social media meme posted by Louisiana SCV’s Dr. Samuel Mitchum I saw the other day. It resonated with me since I had been watching on the news of our ever-active Cultural Marxists trying to “beat a dead horse.” And the issue was literally a real horse. The name of that horse was Traveller, the famous steed of General Robert E. Lee.

Traveller was buried on the grounds of Washington and Lee University. The United Daughters of the Confederacy laid a grave marker on top of where he is buried in 1971. Recently W&L removed the grave marker and replaced it with one that has no mention of Traveller being the horse of Gen. Robert E. Lee nor the UDC.

Once this hit the news, social media lost its minds because of this act. With all these reactions it made me think… could this be what finally wakes up the South?

We have seen monuments fall, flags removed, cemeteries desecrated, the former capital of the Confederacy pillaged and so much more as these reconstructing communists continued to defile our Heritage and our History. Reactions from Southerners have been varied. Yes, you may see some outrage on the social media channels, but what we do not see is a large presence of boots on the ground.

Just what is it going to take for people to finally wake up? Would the World War II generation allow this unholy war against our American history, values, and principles to continue? Of course not! So why in this day and age are we?

When this War of the Second Reconstruction began, it could have been stopped dead in its tracks if Southerners would have all stood together and said, “NO!”

Instead, many Southerners sold out their own because of apathy and greed.

We can talk about the government, the American Kaiser & his Court. We may speak of anti-American organizations or outside forces trying to tear us down. But the single greatest threat to our Southern culture is apathy!

Nothing will ever change if people are not willing to make a stand.

We encourage all our members to recruit. We challenge all our members to reach out and take back their communities. We send out the call for all compatriots to stand shoulder to shoulder and hold the line!

If your camp is inactive, then make it active again. If your numbers are low, recruit. If you are not happy with what goes on in your city or town, get involved with your local governments and make a change. Like-minded individuals must band together and work to make a difference. And that all begins with every member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

We can no longer sit on our backsides hoping someone comes to our aid. There is no Captain Confederacy that is going to fly in and save the day. We as Southerners can no longer stay silent. We must STAND DEFIANT!!!

We are the Thin Gray Line!

If the SCV falls so goes the South. If the South falls, so does this Nation!

Just how many headstones, resting places, and bodies must be defiled before Southerners wake up?


Brian McClure

Louisiana SCV

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